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Dark Web Estimation- Blog by Rajdeep Das 

What is Dark Web?

Dark Web is the subset of Deep Web that lies in the most hidden part of Deep Web & not searchable by the tradition browsers in the general ways of searching methods. In that case, most professionals use Tor Browsers which is totally now used for only Dark Web surfing & mostly for Dark net activities( legal or illegal) like Black Hat Hacking, Bitcoin selling, Some Particularly hacked Social Media site's Password Selling, Credit or Debit Card's Number selling, Driving license selling, Degree or Diploma false certificate selling, Child Pornography, Animal selling which are illegal or not allowed for sale, Drugs & Weapon selling, Illegal Property selling & many more. All of these Dark net activities are done basically by those professionals(Most of them are Black Hat Hackers) who are selling all the forbidden/restricted items anonymously to gain a huge profit in the underworld circumstances which can't be achieved publicly in general ways. It is said by the Experts that what we search on our traditional search engines from our normal browsers, display only 4% of total results. Another 96% that lies in the Deep Web and here the 6% ins this is considered as the anonymous Dark Web.

Difference between Deep Web & Dark Web:

These two terms i.e. the Deep Web & Dark Web are heard to be the same almost and in most of the articles or in descriptions these two terms are used interchangeably that actually confuse the readers who have not the least idea about this. The fact is, these two terms are not actually same. The Deep Web is the part of World Wide Web which is accessible but not publicly like the Surface Web. It contains all the regular information or data which is accessible only by its users. For example, like Social Media Account's password or its user name( like your Facebook account's user name/password, like your Twitter account's user name/password, Instagram/Github/many more) which are the part of its Database System which can only be accessible by the user of those accounts. That means this are accessible also but not publicly as the others. This Deep web also contains the Students Record's of any University, Academical Records, Financial records or other Government statistical records of any country. Also it should be mentioned that Deep Web is larger than the Surface Web. Anything which are protected and not accessible by the common public except its user, are generally lies under the Deep web section safely until it is hacked by any third person(Interested Black Hat Hackers!!) or criminal.
Now came to the topic on Dark Web. The Dark Web is the most hidden subset of Deep Web where all the sites or its contents lies anonymously i.e. The Encrypted Anonymous Network exists under the Dark Web Section. This is not accessible from the normal traditional browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer and unable to search its items from our traditional browsers like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Dark Web contents are only & totally searchable by the TOR browsers with the help of its Onion Router Server which contains all the .onion urls by its anonymous  network and only accessible by the Tor user. Dark web is said to be the 0.01% portion lies as the subset of Deep Web. Dark web is made up of those hidden contents which are now illegal & forbidden by government. Although, TOR was actually not for the illegal activities totally but unfortunately as the illegal activities are done under here so it is considered as the Underworld Dark area(Dark net). It needs more skills & proper knowledge of Dark Net to Surf here anonymously. Like Black Hat hackers here are very active to spread up their black market among those illegally approached customers. Ethical Hackers & other Cyber Security Experts are working on it to prevent illegal works & terms but its difficult also. This is totally encrypted area where you can surf its contents only by using such encrypted anonymous network like TOR. but have to need proper idea & concepts before do it!!. It is considered to be the most dangerous part of Internet.

What lies in the Depth of the Darknet?

The hidden nature of The Dark Web can make it difficult to know exactly what goes on there, but it is frequently associated with financial fraud, file sharing and data breaches, including the sale of details from identity theft. Equifax has made an Info graphic that may be useful to readers to gain some knowledge about dark web and how it operates.......Click here to read the full article....(Visit).........  
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