Top 10 Android Hacking App that can easily hack your smartphone!!....

Top 10 Android Hacking apps 

Now-a-days, besides of the computers, android is also now the another target for hackers to hack, as androids are considered the mostly used device even more than computers(Mac/PC/ Laptop) that a hacker can hack it rather more easily. Android is now the most upgraded Mobile Operating System even using also Linux. Security Researcher says that the number of using androids is increasing heavily day by day as technology is going to be upgraded. As an android is the easiest handling device to use and so much portable for users like a mini computer, it is became the most used device  by all types of people, even more than using computers. So now, this is great chance for black hat hackers that they are making a new way to hack these androids. Not only black hat hackers, but also the white hat hackers who are often involved to protect the cyber world  to keep safe from cyber crimes, also use these tricks to hack these devices and tests their programs or sites to keep secure from the black hat hackers. So now , there are so many types of apps or software and tools are invented to hack Android software, available in individual app stores or sites . These Apps can also helpful for Individuals those who are new in Hacking. Once you rooted your android smart phone and you can see the extreme fun of these apps. You can easily get access to everything on your android and control permissions and other tasks manually.
So now I am going to discuss about top 10 android hacking apps that can make you a smart android hacker!!

Note: All content are intended for security research purpose only and should not be used illegally. This site will not be responsible for any consequences. Using these apps or knowing about these apps are about to keep your device safe from hackers or from any kind of other Cyber Crimes. But Don't use these apps illegally.

  1. AndroRAT: AndroRat stands for Android Remote Administration Tool. It is a type of hacking app by which one can easily control the Digital Device Remotely with his Smart phone. Even hacker can also manipulate the Data Located on other devices. It is basically a Client/Server Application that you can use at your Home or Nearby Places. This is most useful app as it enables the features to get the connection between the hacker and the victim's smart phone, just have to control it smartly.
  2. DroidSheep: DroidSheep is an awesome Android Hacking App for Beginners who enter into the Hacking World newly. DroidSheep allows you to hijack social media sessions from the comfort of your own smart device. Just be careful not to let anyone else in on that program, or you just may find a weird picture for your Facebook profile!!. This is a beginner's hacking kit to use easily.
  3. AirDroid: AirDroid is one of the most popular app to control more than one android device at a time through Windows, PC, Mac or IOS. Actually AirDroid was not invented to hack, rather it was used only to control user's own devices in Windows, Mac or iOS. But as the time goes, as usual black hat hackers make it also like a hacking tool to hack ones device. It is very useful app to get control over victim's android but as it is not a direct hacking app like others, there are some internal techniques to use this app like e hacking tool( You can know easily by using this app) AirDroid is an app by which you can control your digital device from computers or tabs. It makes connections between two devices and even you can add more android OS at a time into one account to get control over it. In shortly anyone can manage his files, photo, whatsapp, messenger, Wechat, Line etc by using this app. You have to at first use portable USB Cable to make connection between your device & your computer by plug-in to the CPU. You may ask for email id to log in your account from where you will control the device manually.
    The AirDroid works through an AirMirror inside it by which all the information of smart phone are displayed on the monitor. Multi-Screen feature is its speciality. It is a type of android simulator by which you can use all types android apps (Social Apps especially) in your computer by connecting it. You can fin it on play store or by searching sites like Moreover there are  so many versions of this app you can get in app stores. In Google Web store you can get it as AirMirror extension. Also you can get AirDroid Desktop in Play Store for Windows use purpose. But also be very careful before install it as there are also many fraud apps, similar to it. So install it y knowing all terms and conditions.
  4. Whatsapp Sniffer: Whatsapp Sniffer is used to hack someones Whatsapp account. It works with Whatsapp application only. It will hack victim's account included with private chats, audio, video. images & all. But you can only use this app for hacking only when the victim's phone's network is connected with your WiFi Hotspot i.e. you have to make first the connection with your own smart phone through WiFi or Hotspot. But this app can be detected by antivirus easily, so at first disable your  antivirus software & then use it. It is a small but smart android hacking app to use.
  5. Hackode: Hackode is one of the best applications for people who want to hack their android devices. The hacker’s Toolbox is an application for penetration tester, Ethical hackers, IT administrator and Cyber security professional to perform different tasks like Google Hacking, Reconnaissance, DNS Dig, Exploits, Security Rss Feed and many more. This is very useful as tool it is considered as the hacker's tool and mainly used by the White hat Hackers and Cyber Security Researcher. You can get this app in Play store for free. It contains tools like Google Hacking, Google Dorks, Ping, Traceroute etc.
  6. AnDOSid: AnDOSid is one of the most dangerous hacking app , basically DOS attacking app , used generally by professional security researcher or by Ethical Hackers(IT-Administrator). This is very dangerous app because DOS attacking or Denial of Service Attacking takes the server of computer. This tool is designed for security professionals to let them carry out the DOS attack (HTTP post-flood attack to be precised). This app is also used for DOS attacking to the websites or web server.
  7. FaceNiff: This is another hacking app by which a hacker (even beginner also) can hack victim's Web-profile or Social account's id, password & all other information through the same network by making a connection between two devices. It allows to sniff or intercept your web session profile through WiFi connection, where your android's network is rooted i.e. it needs the same network or WiFi  connection by which you can find victim's all Social id, Password and other information easily but make yourself assure that the victim's android's network is connected with your Hotspot. It comes with paid version but also you can find its cracked version on Internet.
  8. Shark for Root: Shark or Shark for Root is a powerful android hacking to get full over control on victim's device. It was first started to use in business for supervise. It is designed for office stuff to have a track on team members or office. It is a traffic sniffer app for android device. You can use this app to get control or you can hack any type of network. Also you can keep tracking by this hacking app easily on anyone's device, you want to. It also works on 3G set. But before use it have to be careful about the antivirus.
  9. SpoofApp: SpoofApp is definitely used for fun over functionality. It allow you to spoof (Place) calls with any caller ID number. Basically you can manipulate what number shows up on your friend’s phone when you call. Some other features includes voice changer using which we can change our voice and can even record the entire conversation. To spoof calls, you need to buy SpoofCards which are sold separately.
  10. ZAnti: ZAnti is one of the best android app related to hacking from android phone. It has almost all security tools related to hacking any Wi-Fi networks.  This easy to use mobile toolkit enables IT Security Administrators to simulate an advanced attacker to identify the malicious techniques they use in the wild to compromise the corporate network.
So these are the Top 10 Android Hacking Tools till now. But there are also more apps to use in purpose to hack victim's device. Such as SShDroid(Android Secure Shell), NMap( Network Security Scanner ),WifiKill, CSploit, dSpoit, Burp Suite, SS7, APK Inspector, Wps Connect, Eviloperator, Network Spoofer, Arpspoof, Wifi Analyzer, DroidSniff, DroidSQLi etc. These apps also their individual actions in workfield. Most of these apps are used by security professional & researcher. But also has to e mentioned that these apps can be hacked by another hackers as these apps are not protected by itself. Even you have to know more about before use any of these apps but DON'T USE THESE APPS FOE ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL ATTEMPT.
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